Michael Said, "I have never been afraid of anyone or anything
in general.  Because of this limited fear, and my belief of concurring your fears, all the lessons in-which I've learned, have been nothing short of the hard way.  A past love pushed me to submit my writings
& I became a published Author /  Writer.  For her I will always be grateful & miss the friendship we once had.  Through my writing, I would love to share my experiences with you."
Michael's writing reflects: romance, trivial, general, significant, dark, deceptive, heartbreak & sadistic writing's.
  His personal interests include: cooking, dancing, hunting, hiking, camping, fishing, writing.

A Favorite Quote: "Poetry is the perpetual endeavor to express the spirit of the thing, to pass the brute body, and search the life and reason which causes it to exist." By: Ralph Waldo Emerson

Michael J. Stuckey Jr.
born in 1977
Is there a chance I won’t like your book? 
I hope not, but it’s possible. I spend a lot of time on each of my books, and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them. But to each there own. Really, all that I ask, if you don’t like my books, and if we ever meet in real life, don’t throw the book or your tablet at my head.
If you have a specific Poem you would like Michael to review, like an opinion on, or you just want to chit chat... you can find his E-Mail on the contact pg.
   Michael was born in Longbranch, NJ. raised in Middletown, NJ. and  
   currently resided's in Kentucky. He began writing emotionally torturous writing's & poetry as a child.  He spent 19 long yrs installing Tile & Stone, becoming an expert installer and master stonesmen, then forced to retire from the exceptional career he had built. Since that time, Michael became a     Published Author / Writer of several poetry books, few Song's, recipe books, and realistic fiction novels.
Noble, by birthright.
Lord, by achievement. 
Raised in the old customs,
What is your writing style like?
I wouldn't know what other authors to compare my self to. But I guess, all said and done, I feel like my writing is influenced by: Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Dickinson, Steven King, Walt Whitman, and definitely a few horror movie producers.

It was said, 'Your writing expresses experience, heartache, hopes, and dreams. You're effectively bearing your soul, through your writing.'   "I hope so, any writer worth a lick of salt allows the reader to see into his soul."
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